Oct 12, 2023

Achieving rapid, organic growth on social media for a startup newspaper.

De Andere Krant
(The Other Paper)
Media company
In the era of digital media, where traditional newspapers are facing numerous challenges, some ventures are redefining the landscape. De Andere Krant, an independent news platform, has emerged as a beacon of free speech and true journalism. This blog will delve into the phenomenal growth of De Andere Krant and highlight the significant role played by e-Blossm in achieving this remarkable success.

Website traffic and sales

With the strategic efforts of our marketing agency, De Andere Krant experienced a substantial boost in its sales figures. Our expertise in converting information into content for social media resulted in high customer engagement and created fast online growth. Social media was directly linked to 35% of the total sales of De Andere Krant. This impressive percentage reflects the effectiveness of our marketing strategy in driving revenue and growth for our client.

One of the key metrics that demonstrate the impact of our digital marketing initiatives is the daily average website traffic of 35,000 visitors. Through a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media campaigns, e-Blossm successfully attracted a large and diverse audience to the client’s website. This consistent flow of visitors indicates the successful implementation of your strategies to enhance online visibility and generate organic traffic.

The ultimate measure of success for any business lies in its revenue generation. With the collaborative efforts of e-Blossm and the dedicated team at De Andere Krant, the company achieved a remarkable milestone of over €100,000 in monthly revenue. This notable financial achievement stands as a testament to the effective marketing strategies, which helped drive customer conversions and increase profitability for De Andere Krant.

Average sales contribution

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Daily average website traffic


Monthly revenue

OVER A € 100.000

Record traffic on website


Social media growth

Every social media platform has its unique audiences, tools and reasons to invest in. So by building a strategy, e-Blossm focuses on tailor made content for every platform that suits the target audience. This creates opportunities for multiple sales funnels for every audience that could be a potential buyer of the product that we sell.

In today's digital age, social media platforms play a pivotal role in building brand awareness. By bringing the right content to the target audience on social media, it resulted in remarkable growth of 49,000 followers for our client. By leveraging various social media channels, e-Blossm effectively promoted content, that engage with the audience, and fostered a loyal community. The success on social media helped broaden the reach of the client and therefore drives additional traffic and sales.


2.000 posts in 2022

Audience Reach

7.300.000 people reached

Page/profile reach

6.800.000 page views

Engagement rate

7% total engeagement

Total audience growth

49.000 growth in followers


De Andere Krant’s success story in 2022 stands as a testament to the power of digital marketing when implemented strategically and effectively. Through the expertise of e-Blossm, our client experienced significant growth in sales, website traffic, revenue, and social media audience. The successful collaboration highlights the importance of leveraging digital platforms to build brand recognition, engage with audiences, and achieve sustainable growth. As De Andere Krant continues to flourish, the partnership with e-Blossm will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of independent journalism written on paper.

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